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As a young new yorker I quickly developed a special place in my heart for cafes. The snug living quarters and endless string of rotating roommates made cafés a personal escape, a workplace, and an ‘afternoon latte with friend living room’. I didn’t realize the importance the right cafe with the right ambiance had until the withdrawals set in shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2008. I couldn’t believe it when time and time again I was directed to yet another chain-coffee shop down the street in lieu of a great ‘specialty bean’ cafe with unique, hidden gem, ambiance that I’d grown accustom to. Convinced that the java culture was merely hidden from me in my new town, I set out on a treasure hunt to find me some gems. This photo series is the result of that journey. A visual guide to let you sample some of the most amazing ambiance and proof that the café culture is alive and growing in Los Angeles.

I want to thank my amazing co-pilot Elizabeth Gansen who was a dream coffee companion and irreplaceable co-producer of this series. Your drive, energy and friendship are incredible girl!

Special thank you’s to my amazing models for your help in completing my vision with your amazing presence and beauty! to the café owners, managers and staff that were involved for being so incredibly helpful and for giving us java lovers amazing spaces to enjoy! to Patricia Hodson – the woman that helped us realise the dream! and the fantastic team over at Milk coffee table book publishers! this would not have come together without your amazing support and you stunning award winning books. Also a big thank you to fantastic art director Nicole Ulrick for your amazing input and guidance and my girls Annika and Danuta for their spirit and support throughout my journey… Cheers to you!



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